We Now Have HUSNG Poker Charts +All our Charts now have unlimited access(no recurring subscription)

We now have HUSNG Poker Charts on our site which have been upgraded from the charts available on husng.info . Best of all there is no recurring subscription, only a one off payment and you will have access to these charts forever. You can also get access to the charts absolutely free if you buy any […]

New Product – Spin and Go Poker Charts

We are excited to announce the release of our new product – Spin and Go Poker Charts You can also get access to a free version of the charts here which only requires free membership. This Product will give you 3 months access to spin and go poker range charts which are from Coffeeyay’s Beating Spin & Go Poker video pack . […]

New Poker Video Pack – A spin and go strategy

A Spin and Go Strategy Need a spin and go strategy? Coffeeyay has built over 14 hours of comprehensive videos covering this new and highly profitable SNG format and is in a great position to offer advice on a spin and go strategy. Coffeeyay is well known for the #1 selling PT4 HUD, the CoffeeHUD, as well as […]

HyperSonic SPIN and GO HUD is here

Following on from our popular SPIN and GO HUD comes HyperSonic SPIN and GO HUD. HYPER SONIC SPINGO HUD is an awesome upgrade to our popular SPIN and GO HUD What’s the difference? The charts have all been upgraded to include all the ranges for every blind level from Coffeeyay’s Beating Spin & Go Poker video pack over on husng.com […]

Turn $5 into $1,000,000. Plus our New Spin and Go HUD.

Special edition $1 Million Spin & Go’s are running now on Pokerstars, giving you the chance to turn $5 into a staggering $1,000,000 in minutes! Click here to find out more. PokerStars Spin & Go’s are the fastest way to win up to 3,000 times your buy-in. Each Spin & Go has a randomly assigned […]

HyperSonic HU-Cash HUD is here

Following hot on the heels of our popular HyperSonic Cash HUD for Full ring and 6 Max and HyperSonic HUD for Hyper Turbo Heads Up matches we are proud to introduce HyperSonic HU-Cash HUD. The HyperSonic HU-Cash HUD has all the features that were available on the Heads Up Cash HUD with the addition of Pre-Flop Charts against various opponent types. As […]

Staying Balanced with HyperSonic Cash HUD

Possibly the best poker player on the planet,Phil Galfond has this to say about balancing in Poker. In high level poker, being well balanced is something I stress tremendously, and something I think about constantly while playing.  Anyone who’s read any articles or watched any videos of mine probably gets annoyed by how much I […]

New Video Pack – Hyper Turbo Poker Masters Video Pack (With HyperSonic HUD free)

This premium level video pack is authored by professional level players Chadders0, HokieGreg, Mersenneary, Shortsharpshock/Carryhero and U cnat spel. With live play, hand review, leakfinder and slideshow format videos, this pack is designed for intermediate level players and above. With almost 6 hours of content, the videos are sure to help dedicated players move forward […]