We are excited to be launching our first Product for 2016. zZzTILT is back, and he has brought a truly innovative video pack to the community. Crushing Regs in Hyper Turbo Heads up Matches is all about learning how to beat tough opponents in hyper turbo heads up matches. Whether it’s a regular winner at the $7 games, or a tough professional in the $200 games, Crushing Regs offers solutions on adapting to and beating these players.
As with all our other packs if you purchase it you will receive a free HUD(HyperSonic HUD) and unlimited access to our HUSNG Poker Charts.

“Whether you are a beginning player, or mid to high stakes regular, I highly recommend this video pack. It is packed full of information that is crucial to success in hyper turbos.”

– Grayson “Spacegravy” Physioc; High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro

In this package, you’ll learn how to hold your own and beat the tough opponents at your level. You’ll learn how to improve your thought process in hyper turbo heads up poker, helping you become a stronger player.

“I’m impressed by the knowledge projected by these guys, surprised they don’t play higher, it was worthwhile watching for me. They explain almost every important concept very well but also very easy to understand for anyone.” – Lotte Lenya, High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro

zZzTILT was the lead author in Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs, a pack that received great reviews from the community.

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