We’ve just released a new pack, called Pbogz Hyper Turbo Video Pack. As with all our other packs if you purchase it you will receive a free HUD(HyperSonic HUD) and unlimited access to our HUSNG Poker Charts.

This pack is the perfect resource for eager students in search of a comprehensive beginner-accessible introduction to heads up hyper turbo poker.

The pack has been designed for beginners or intermediate HUSNG Players who are aiming to move up through the ranks. The pack contains lots of  Theory, strategy and tips on how to adjust to a variety of situations. Pbogz is detailed and thorough, yet his talent for teaching enables him to explain the concepts in ways that are easy for beginners to follow. Pbogz takes a multi-angle approach to teaching in this pack, combining PowerPoint presentation slides, hand history reviews, usage demonstrations of several software tools, and his own unique twist: multiple choice pop quiz questions interspersed through-out the videos that help us own what we are learning through interactivity.

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