How to sharpen up your Spin and Go Strategy using PokerSnowie

If your spin and go strategy needs some work, then PokerSnowie just may be the perfect tool for sharpening up your game.

PokerSnowie is artificial intelligence-based software for No Limit Hold’em Poker. It has learned to play No Limit, from heads-up games to full ring games (10 players), and knows how to play from short stacks all the way up to very deep stacks (400 big blinds). PokerSnowie is based on artificial neural networks. Those neural networks are a mathematical model based on biological neural networks, like those found in the human brain. While biology is far from explaining exactly how the neurons in the brain work and how learning takes place, some principles can be expressed as mathematical formulas, resulting in artificial neural networks.
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Now, although you can import hands into PokerSnowie from NL Cash games you can’t do this at the moment for Spin and Go games. However you can set up a ‘challenge’ so that you can simulate playing a Spin and Go game. Here’s how you do it.

Download Poker Snowie

If you don’t have PokerSnowie you can download a free Trial here.

Click on the Challenges Menu at the top of PokerSnowie
sit and go strategy

Choose the following settings.

Snowie Opponents = 2
Game Type = Freezeout
Stake Level = 10/20
Buy-in = 25BB

spin and go strategy

PokerSnowie Settings to simulate a Spin and Go game

You should now see something similar to the following.CropperCapture[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=

Start Playing

One thing to note is that this isn’t a perfect simulation of a Spin and Go game as the blind levels don’t change. However it is as good as it gets for a AI program that will critique your play and give you tips on how to improve.

Check out your play

After your game to check out what PokerSnowie thinks of your play click on the ‘Import’ menu and you should see a similar screen to the one below. Click on the game you just played  and then click ‘View Analysis’.CropperCapture[53]


See where you made mistakes.spin and go strategy

So apparently my play in the demo I just did was Extra-Terrestrial. I find that hard to believe, but whatever. If you have made any major blunders PokerSnowie will tell you and you can improve your play accordingly.

So that’s it. I love PokerSnowie. It is a great tool for improving your game as it is basically a poker coach without the exorbitant price tag.

Click the add below to start your free 1 month trial

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