HyperSonic 6 Max Cash HUD

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We are pleased to announce the availability of our HyperSonic Cash HUD, which is an upgrade to our popular 6 Max Zoom Poker Hud . The HyperSonic Cash HUD has all the features that were available on the 6 Max Zoom Poker Hud with the addition of Pre-Flop Charts.
These Pre-Flop charts have been designed to keep your opening ranges balanced, with suggested actions pre-flop for all positions. Have you ever been UTG and been 3 Bet by someone on the button and have no idea how to proceed. Not a problem with this new HUD you will have instantaneous access to suggested strategy in this and many other awkward pre-flop spots in both 6 Max and Full Ring games.

 Please note that this is only available at the moment for use with PokerTracker 4.

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Product Description

New Pre-flop Charts

Below are just 3 Examples of the Pre-Flop Charts contained as popups for this HUD. In total there are 28 Pre-Flop charts to give you a suggested strategy for keeping your pre-flop range balanced even against the most difficult opponents.

Suggested Balanced Strategy from the BB vs a Button Open



Suggested Balanced Strategy UTG vs 3 Bet from the Blinds



Suggested Balanced Strategy in SB vs 3 Bet from Big Blind


The Following are STATS from our 6 Max Zoom HUD which are also in this HUD

The “visible” HUD

Below you can see the “visible hud”. What we mean by this is that it the hud that can be seen at all times. The problem with displaying a lot of information on your hud is that it crowds the screen and can become a huge distraction when you are trying to concentrate on playing a hand of poker.


As you can see it displays a minimal amount of information but with a quick glance it is adequate for an initial decision on the hand.

The “extra/invisible” HUD

If more information is needed , a simple mouse over the “visible hud” displays the “extra hud” which is displayed below.


 The “extra hud” once it is visible displays a lot more information and breaks down the pre-flop stats positionally. It also displays some other useful information such as WWSF, WTSD and W$SD along with the villian’s post-flop tendencies on all streets.
Correct color coding is also a huge part of having a useful hud as it can be a huge benefit for a quick assessment of your opponents especially when multi-tabling.

Color Coding

We will have a more detailed description of the color coding soon but for now if a quick overall generic statement could be made about the colors that you see on the left it is that Yellow is extremely loose, Green is loose, the Blues are average, Red is aggressive  and Orange extremely aggressive. If we look at our example here we can see that this particular opponent is extremely loose in Early Position playing 33% of hands and hence the green color coding.


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