In this article I hope to firstly outline the basic differences between Zoom Heads Up Poker and Heads Up Cash Poker and secondly give a brief summary of some of things to consider before you actually start playing these games so you can start with a solid Zoom Heads Up Strategy

The Differences

  • Every hand is against a different opponent

This is almost 100% true, however if you are playing against someone who is 4 tabling these games and there is a very low number of other players in the pool you may find yourself playing the vast majority of hands against the same opponent. As a general rule of thumb however, if there 25 or more players in the pool you will be playing most of your hands against different opponents a lot of the time. In a regular heads up match you need to constantly adjust to your opponent. This is even more dynamic in a heads up zoom match as each hand is against a different opponent.

  • Every hand has a different stack size
Our Premium charts showing Ranges @ 7bb
The thing that you really need to understand for this fact, if you don’t already, is the simple concept of
Effective Stack Sizes. In one hand of Zoom Heads Up you may find yourself with :Jh :9h in the small blind with you and your opponent both 100 BB deep. We obviously raise this up to whatever your preferred button raise size is. However the same hand played against someone who has 7bb left shoving your :Jh :9h is probably the best play according to 
Nash Equilibrium. . Our Premium charts are designed with these facts in mind. Our charts are color coded so that they can be used in real time when you are playing a fast fold poker match making decisions super easy. We have Free charts and Premium Charts for both Heads Up and 6 Max/Full Ring. We also have lots of different Membership Options available that combine HUDS and Charts together.


  • A HUD is even more important
Our Heads Up HUD showing villians stats from the BB. Notice how the levels are nicely broken down into number of big blinds all the way up to 300BB.

With the first 2 points in mind the importance of a good HUD cannot be stressed enough. This may be an unashamed bash for the Heads-Up HUD on this site nevertheless a HUD is a must have if you want to succeed in these games. In a normal Heads Up Cash game playing against one opponent you can probably get away with no HUD due to the fact that you can pick up some reads on your opponent as you are playing every hand against him. You can get a feel if he is 3 betting too much or opening too many buttons,etc….  The great thing about our HUD is that it is broken down into specific blind levels and consequently super useful for use in Heads Up Zoom games as the effective stack size is in constant fluctuation.

Things to Consider

Now that we have outlined the differences between Fast Fold Heads Up and Normal Heads Up there are a few things to take into consideration when you are playing a hand. The first hing is “What type of Player am I up against when I am playing this hand?” There are an infinite variety of Player Types but if we are to generalise most Players fall into one of the following categories.

  • Regular or TAG
  • Loose /Passive
  • Loose/Aggressive – Maniac?

How do we know what type of opponent we are playing. Well one answer to this is by Statistics and the easiest way to quickly get a read on your opponent is with a HUD. There are some other ways to work out what type of opponent you are playing against and one of those is by carefully noticing what actions your opponent constantly takes. Below are some typical tendencies of typical opponents.

Regular or TAG

  • Solid.
  • Up Front Aggression.
  • Straight Forward.

Loose /Passive

  • Calling Station
  • Never Bluffs
  • Small Bets
  • If he bets big , he has it.


  • Aggressive all the time.
  • Hates folding pre-flop.
  • Bluffs a lot.
  • C/R &  3 bets pre – a lot.

 Below is  a Summary of things to keep in mind when you are playing a hand.

  1. Need to identify when we are in a hand against which type of opponent.(Regular, Aggro or Passive)
  2. Are we SB or BB? (Should be obvious. Some players can be passive in sb and aggro in bb or vice/versa)
  3. Important stats we can use? (3 Bet, 4 Bet , % hands played etc…)
  4. Act accordingly by making the most optimal decision available. However at these limits making the most exploitable decision is often preferable. That is a whole other discussion.

In a heads up match you need to constantly adjust to your opponent. This is even more dynamic in a heads up zoom match as each hand is against a different opponent. Here at ZoomRush Poker we have all the tools you need to help you succeed in these fast paced games. Best of all we have lots of free stuff. So if you feel like you want to have a crack at Heads Up Zoom you might want to check out some of the Products we have on offer.

Some of our Heads Up Zoom Products

Heads Up HUD
Free Charts
Video Pack


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